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Welcome To Kassel Realty

Real estate is a people business.  Yes, buying and selling homes is what we do, but relationships are at the heart of the business.

Over the past 35 years, I have seen a lot of real estate agents come and go.  This is especially true when the market is good, lots of folks will “give real estate a try”.  Giving “real estate a try” is not a strategy that has built this family run company.  I think the best word to sum up my business philosophy is commitment.  Not just to help clients buy and sell real estate, but a commitment to establishing lifelong relationships. This is a core value of my business philosophy.  I would rather have a cup of coffee with a client than to create an email or social media campaign to keep in touch with clients.  This is what my business plan is all about.  I tell new agents to understand one important idea when getting in the real estate business.  “It’s not about the property, it’s about people, and how you serve people with the highest possible integrity”.

Our mission

Provide the best possible knowledge to make the wisest real estate decision.

Our Values

Business with the highest level of integrity and honesty.

our vision

Provide you and your family with a home you will love and flourish in

We would be nowhere without our hardworking team

CEO - Founder

Chris Kassel

With 30+ years of experience


The Parents

Retired from Kassel and Associates in 1999

Younger Daughter


Attends Broomfield High School

Elder Daughter

Sarah Kassel

Attending Colorado University Boulder

The Union

Kassel Brothers

From left to right Dan, Andrew, Tony and Chris Kassel



Family Dog

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