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Our 35 Years of Full-Time Real Estate Experience

Buying and Selling Real Estate is Stressful.

Over the 34 years of selling real estate the one common denominator in real estate is the stress level.  A lot of folks find moving a stressful venture.  There is no single reason for this increased stress level on making a move.  There are a lot of moving parts.  There are some things in real estate transaction that just can’t be controlled, (buyer lost his/her job a few days before closing).

Here is the solution of your stress

The one thing that can be controlled is selecting an agent that knows the business.  A good agent can make your move a lot less stressful.  This is where experience counts.  Experience is a great teacher.  Being able to navigate through all the obstacles involved in buying and selling a home is what I do.  My parents were in real estate for 25 years, through osmosis I have come to “be the business”.  I remember hearing my parents discussing  real estate over the dinner table when I was in Broomfield High School.  I have never had another job other than real estate.  I have never interviewed for a job.  I graduated from the University of Northern Colorado in 1983 and have been a realtor ever since.

Whether you’re buying, selling or renting, we can help you move forward

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