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3 things you probably didn’t know about buying a home in Broomfield

  • Broomfield and the entire front range for that matter,  has unique soil conditions.  We have a thing called bentinite.  Bentinite is an expansive clay like soil that expands and contracts when it gets wet.  Make sure the foundation has been properly engineered to address this soil condition.
  • Some homes in Broomfield have electric base board heat. Electric heat can be expensive, make sure you are not surprised to find out your heating bill is a much as your mortgage.

Broomfield schools are unique.   Broomfield county does not have its own school district. Here is how the school districts are roughly laid out.  East Broomfield is Adams District 12 schools, West Broomfield is Boulder Valley District and on the South side is Jefferson county schools.  Research your schools before making a buying decision.

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