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5 Questions to ask a new home builder

  1. Do you have a structural warranty?
  1. Who is the warranty company?
  2. How long is the warranty?
  3. What does the warranty state about finishing a basement and are there any time frames on how long I have to wait to finish the basement.


  1. Special tax districts or metropolitan districts
  2. What are taxes estimated to be.
  3. How many years is the special taxes district in place
  4. What exactly is the metropolitan district set up for to pay for.( curbs and gutter, etc.. or clubhouse, pool, parks.)


  1. What are the soil reports for the area. Is there a high level of expansion in the soil. can you see a sample soil report on some homes in the area.

What type of basement floors are being installed, a structural wood floor or a slab on grade floor.


  1. What about mineral rights and fracking in the surrounding area. What are the rights of way for oil and gas leases.  Are there current gas and oil leases in the open fields adjacent to this new home subdivision.


  1. HOA questions. Is the builder currently subsidizing the HOA to keep the fee low.  Who is the management company?  Are they putting away reserves for future expenses ( new roofs, new clubhouse, updating tennis courts, updating pools etc…
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